Thursday, August 5, 2010

Raspberry Rugelachs

Music-Alicia Keys- Songs in A Minor

Amazing singing. cool dreary piano riffs and solid drum beats. Alicia Keys is a genius of her field!


So we baked Rugelach last night and it was awesome. This is a very fun cookie to make cause you have to make the dough and flatten it out and spread cinnamon sugar and Raspberry jam on it like you spread tomato sauce on a pizza! very fun to make! I don't think i have actually made a pizza before though so i don't think i can make that claim. maybe spreading tomato sauce on pizza is nothing like i imagine it to be. alright i'll keep thinking  and get back to you later about that. right now i'll tell you how i made these seriously savory sweet swirls of raspberry.

These were gone by midnight

First we sifted together 160 grams of bread flour, 32 grams of all purpose flour, and a pinch of salt and sat it aside. It sat and waited. while it sat I mixed 200 grams of butter with 160 grams of cream cheese until smooth. then on low speed I slowly mixed in the sifted dry ingredients. Now its pretty humid right now in Ithaca so the dough ended up being very wet and a bit hard to work with but thats okay. Dough i love you no matter how wet and hard to work with you are. we'll get through this together.

We turned the dough out on a work surface, rolled it out into a rectangle with about a 1cm thickness and gave it a tri-fold. now do you know what a tri-fold is? cause i didn't. so  "Baking and Pastry", a textbook of the Culinary Institute of America, told me to see page 263 and i proceeded to flip to page 263. apparently its just folding the rectangular sheet of dough twice to form 3 layers of dough.
Administering the TRI-FOLD

We then wrapped it in plastic wrap and refrigerated it until it was ready to be molded and what not. So then we waited. While we waited we ate a bit of dinner. but thats not interesting. after we decided it was cool enough to roll out and about we rolled it out and about into a circle about 1.5 mm in thickness. We then sprinkled it with some cinnamon sugar until we thought there was enough. Afterward we eyeballed an appropriate amount of raspberry jam and spread it all over the cookie dough pizza. Finally we sprinkled 101.3 grams of chopped walnuts.
spreading out the dough into a round circle
sliced unrolled Rugelach with cinnamon sugar, walnuts, and raspberry jam

Brushing the Rugelach with eggwash

We then sliced it up like pizza slices and rolled up each one from the wide end, sat them on the the baking pan, brushed them with egg wash, and baked them for 10 minutes at 375 degrees. They turned out pretty delicious. The annoying thing was that the oven is a bad person so he wouldn't go up to 375 and stayed at 350 so we had to bake them for like 20 minutes. it didn't really make the rugelachs less delicious but some raspberry jam leaked out. Its okay though. i don't care how you look rugelach. its whats on the inside that counts. and thats raspberry. well i guess the rapsberry leaked out a bit. hrm.
Raspberry Rugelach with Vanilla Ice Cream

-Michael Liu


  1. MmMMMMmmMMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! You would make a Jewish mother very proud

  2. i wanna eat your rugelachs. BAKE ME SOME