Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cookies and Strudels

 So this is the first post of Buffalo Baked! well...kind of. I have two things to say to the post before this one: I do not poop my pants and i know for a fact that Ryan Bishop wears diapers. used Gorilla diapers.

Music- John Fahey and His Orchestra- Of Rivers and Religion  

Baking-Well yesterday was a very  very productive baking day. I baked two concoctions of tongue tingling tastiness.

First of the two was Cranberry Oatmeal Dark, White, Milk Chocolate Chip cookies which we used to make ice cream sandwiches. very yummy. Looking at the recipe I honestly thought there was going to be way too many chips and fruits and oatmeal and whatnot. but it turned out alright. there wasn't too much of one thing and the cookie turned out great. surprise surprise. The recipe was actually taken from another blog Cherry Tea Cakes. The girl who writes that blog really knows how to bake.

The Ice Cream Sandwich with a glass of Skim Milk

Now for the second and more awesome creation of the night. With the help of my friends Laura Schwartz and Brian Sherman we made Apple Strudel! A very delicious mixture of Granny Smith Apples tossed with Cinnamon Sugar and Raisins is rolled up along a very very thin sheet of Strudel dough. oh boy can you say exciting? exciting!

So anyway I started out with making the strudel dough by mixing a pound of sifted Bread Flour with about one and a half teaspoon of salt and mixing it with 13 fluid ounces of water and 2.5 fluid ounces of vegetable oil. Now the super hard part about this was the mixing and kneading. the dough was really wet and like...gloppy. I think gloppy is a really good description of the texture. Anyway it was difficult to knead so I referred the Brian for some advice. We ended adding more and more flour during the awkward kneading process until it would stop being so sticky. anyway after the dough was properly kneaded i rolled it into a ball brushed it with vegetable oil and wrapped it up to let it rest for about an hour.

The next step was cutting and coring the Granny Smith apples (which i am forever in debt with Laura for helping me core peel and cut). 5 pounds of Granny Smith apples was cored and peeled and cut and then tossed with 8 oz of cinnamon sugar and 6 ounces of raisins.

looks delicious? oh you bet.

After came the bread crumbs which was just 6 ounces of bread crumbs tossed with half a stick of butter.

So then I, with the help of Brian Sherman and Laura Schwartz, rolled out the dough into approximately a
12 in by 18 in rectangle, let it rest for 15 minutes. And then  stretched it out by hand until the dough was almost transparent. Then came brushing the surface of the dough with melted butter and sprinkling the bread crumbs.
Stretching the Strudel Dough

Afterward we placed the apple mixture in a strip along one of the edges of the dough and carefully we rolled up the dough around the apple mixture forming a tight log. the strudel was then brushed with more melted butter and slits were cut along the top of the strudel to allow the strudel to vent off the excess moisture.

Rolling the Strudel

Kinda looks like a mummy or something huh?
-Michael Liu

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