Michael Liu

Hi! My name is Michael Liu. I am a Taiwanese-American undergraduate Junior in the Cornell School of Engineering studying Environmental Engineering and I love baking, music and climbing.  I am from Flushing, Queens in New York City. I started baking during my senior year of high school and have loved it ever since. Most of the past few years of my baking have been dedicated solely to the creation of delicious, soft, chunky, delicious and delicious cookies. However recently I have been expanding my repertoire of baked goods into other delicious things. On this blog you'll read about my delicious adventures in baking and my awesome musical journeys. So what kind of music do I like? I'd hate to be one of those people who tells you he listens to everything but I do try to listen to everything.

Laura Schwartz

Hi! I came to Cornell from two very food-y cities. I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia which prides itself on lots of awesome restaurants, and my family now lives in New Orleans, which, you know, does food pretty well. I'm a Government major and I've been cooking pretty much nonstop since my mom started teaching me how. In high school I worked for a catering company. Mike and I started baking his famed cookies together last year (always while listening to phenomenal music), and the rest is history. I don't actually live in the house, but I cook here all the time so I DO COUNT. I live in JAM, the music dorm, which is where all of the people who do live in the house emigrated from. I juggle and speak Chinese. Let's start cooking.

Molly Smith 

Hello fellow foodies! I come from a small rare-breeds farm from the hillbilly boondock that is Woolrich Pennsylvania. I was homeschooled since kindergarten, so had lots of time to develop my first love; baking! I am obsessed with all things pastry/confectionery and love trying new things and improving old favorites. I'm a Natural Resources major here at Cornell, after having turned down a spot at the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, choosing instead to get all my baking kicks out for fun and pleasure instead of a grade ( I also want to save the trees). While I, like Laura above, do not live in the Big Blue House. I live just up the street in a Big Beige House and scoot down to get in on the baking action on my hot red scooter, Pinot. Random facts; my favorite cooking utensil is the bent spatula, I can make frosting roses and have the weird ability to make perfect meringues no matter what the weather. Bake on!